Tropical deep convection in its natural state and the underlying processes that drive it are poorly understood and modeled, with insufficient observational data sets for model constraint. Given the current state of the science, the Office of Biological and Environmental Research's Climate and Environmental Sciences Division, in collaboration with Brazilian and German organizations, will conduct an integrated experiment to look at the coupled atmosphere-cloud-terrestrial tropical systems.

This experiment, Green Ocean Amazon, GOAmazon, will extend through the wet and dry seasons from January 2014 through December 2015.

The experiment is designed to enable the study of how aerosols and surface fluxes influence cloud cycles under clean conditions, as well as how aerosol and cloud life cycles, including cloud-aerosol-precipitation interactions, are influenced by pollutant outflow from a tropical megacity. These observations will provide a data set vital to constrain tropical rain forest model parameterizations for organic aerosols, cloud and convection schemes, and terrestrial vegetation components and how these are perturbed by pollution.